Mission "Natural Disaster"

[Blogger's choice: Submitted by Anonymous]

Once, in a land far away from here, a natural occurance happened like no other. In the land of Flumpabumptah, a hurricane like no other, made of Sprite and Dr. Pepper, whirled through Flumpabumptah and knocked down all the gingerbread, milk crate, and plexi glass homes. There were screaming gummi bears, crazed 10-headed turkeys, and oopma loompas EVERYWHERE! There was no way of telling how intense this swirl of soda was going to be. The last disaster of Cherry Coke and diet orange soda left Flumpabumptah in shambles with soggy gingerbread and log cabins floating around. This terrible sight of twisting Sprite, with contrasting Dr. Pepper, was launched from the cotton candy clouds and about half past noon. There was a frenzy and no way of escaping this natural distaster, but by loading in large, oversized bowls. Floaters occasionally sipping at the Sprite/Dr. Pepper concoction everntually landed at higher ground on the neverending pile of dirty socks. From that day on, they have established a new way of life hunting camel and Miley Cyrus. They can never return to Flumpabumptah because of the permanent damage to their village. This new civilization has thrived by istelf without contact with technology.


Mission "Disaster Date"

[Blogger’s choice #1: Submitted by Anonymous]

So this really hot guy asked me out to a concert of a band he heard I liked. I was soo excited to go and it was a blast while we were there. Then we hit a bar and he got smashed. He threw up in my lap so I went to the bathroom to clean it off and when I got out, he was making out with a random guy.

[Blogger’s choice #2: Submitted by Anonymous]

My mom has a huuuge fear of me dating; she thinks boys are the devil incarnate. So before we were allowed to go into the movie theater, my mom had to take a bunch of pictures of my date to give to the police in case something happened to me! =O It was soooo embarassing.


Mission "Christmas Music"

With Christmas just around the corner, today's topic for "Thursday's Thoughts" is Christmas music! Here's what you all had to say about it:

"I think Christmas music is for emo people who are in denial (: also I think it is for people who like to eat banana marshmallows."

"Christmas music is awesome!"

"Christmas music is the best =P They don't say it's the most wonderful time of the year for nothin. The music's awesome, too!"

"I am actually loving Christmas music right now. Usually by this time of year I think it has been way over played, but this year I just haven't been smothered by it. Also, I do really want to go walking in a winter wonderland... although I will be snowboarding tomorrow where the olympics are going to be, I'll substitute that for the walk ;)"

"Sometimes this piece of shit music is nice when one is in a good and relaxed mood...but if one has to hear 'Jingle Bells' for three weeks straight at work....it gets old! Or am I wrong?! If a person happens to be in the right setting then it is enjoyable....."

"I just don't understand why it's all so happy. Do people like such happy music?"

"Christ music is magical."

"Some of it is rather reptetitive and overdone..but I do love instrumentals and parodies done by Bob Rivers! :)"


Mission "Video Game"

[Blogger’s choice #1: Submitted by Anonymous]

Ode to Kingdom Hearts

Oh Kingdom Hearts
My love and my obsession
Through all your missions,
All your near death experiences,
I have been loyal to you.

Why oh why, Kingdom Hearts,
Do you torment me with all your lengthy cut scenes?
Why oh why, was the second game painfully easier than the first?
Oh Kingdom Hearts.

I will always be loyal to you.
Even through the cut scenes,
And the easy, hundreds of tests I must pass to move on.
Oh Kingdom Hearts.

[Blogger’s choice #2: Submitted by Milkshaker]

The Sims 2

I get dizzy as I "dance" to get changed.
My morning routine is always the same.
Brush your teeth, take a shower,
Geez I do a lot in an hour!
I say goodbye to Mum at 8:00.
As the school bus is running late.
It's the last you see of me until 3:00
That’s when I'm coming home staaaaarving for tea.
I settle down on the couch and watch T.V.
And that’s when I happen to see...
A robot destroying the Strange Town.
I jump up, my face in a frown.
Mum warns me "It's only a programme"
"Oh right", I say "Silly Sam"

[Blogger’s choice #3: Submitted by Anonymous]

Sitting in math class
Boys talking about halo
Boring for the girls

it's a Very boring math class
apparently xbox lIve is super fun
accorDing to the boys
who should bE paying attention
and not talking about halO

what is the deal with these Guys?
TeAcher is getting mad
Math teachers don't like halo
they likE formulas instead

[Blogger’s choice #4: Submitted by Anonymous]

Oh, Modern Warfare 2
I just can't stop playing you
I put you in my PS3
and Your shining glory I start to see

My favorite character is Captian Price
and let me give some advice
if you are to buy Modern Warfare 2
bid your friends and family adieu

'cause when you play this awesome game
you will realize with great shame
that me and you are just the same

Oh, Modern Warfare 2 I just
can't stop playing you
I want to play with it in my bed
Hey, that’s what she said.


Mission "Infestation"

[Blogger’s choice: Submitted by Anonymous]

They were everywhere.

I could hear them crawling up towards my hiding place. I would be kidding myself if I thought I was safe.

I wasn't safe. No. I knew that.

And yet I was clinging to that pathetic hope that I might be. Even as I could hear the scratching getting closer, the pitter patter of thousands of tiny feet coming up the stairs, I clenched my eyes shut, trying to believe they wouldn't find me. That they wouldn't be able to get through the rotting attic door that was my only protection.

But they would be. Rats can get through anything. They can dislocate their bones to squeeze through the tightest of tight gaps. And the thought was not appeasing.

I knew it the second they got in. I don't know how, but I did.

The scratching wasn't all that much louder. The squeaking either.

But somehow I knew. The dark behind my eyelids seeming more oppressive. The fear I was already feeling welling up to choke me as my feeble hope shattered.

I knew I had but seconds until they found me.

I hoped it would be painless. But I knew it wouldn't be...


Mission "Perfect Crime"

[Blogger’s choice #1: Submitted by Samuel Dinan from Wisconsin]

I was reading a book when suddenly the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my sister, saying that our dad was just shot to death. Then I quickly asked her how it happened; she said she didn't know, all she knew was that it was a shot. Frantic, I asked her if she had talked to the police yet and she said she hadn't. I then called the police when I finished talking to her. The police said there was a mass-murderer that slowly killed of family trees until he had wiped out the entire family. Shocked, I remembered my fiancée--we were getting married in 2 days. I pondered what I should do for hours when I finally decided what to do. I called my fiancée and told her the situation. She then responded that even if that was true she would still marry me. Knowing her decisions are near impossible to change, I agreed with her and hung up the phone. Three days later and I worried for my wife. The murderer had now killed my grandma and uncle, knowing only my wife, my sister, and I were left. I didn't know how to handle the situation. The next day was my dad’s funeral and I hoped that I would be safe around so many people; but alas, a rifle blast rocketed through the front left-hand window and killed my sister. The services for her were on the same day. Coming home from the funeral I knew one of us would be next and I had to make sure we were safe. I called the authorities and told them our situation and they responded to tell us that they would start a full search as soon as they gathered up enough evidence. Days had past and I questioned why the police hadn't called me or the killer hadn't attacked yet. Recapping the events that had happened, I noticed that all his strikes were a day apart or less. Knowing this information led me to believe he had given up his killing spree or gotten sent to jail for something else. Years have passed now and our new baby was born today. When we drove away an indefinite beeping had started. Not knowing what it was, I went and looked for the source. I searched but I found nothing until I turned back to the car and was shot on the spot. My last thoughts were I knew my wife and kid were next and I would see them, and all my family, soon. THE END

[Blogger’s choice #2: Submitted by Anonymous]

The perfect crime would be shoving snow down their throat. They would drown/suffocate


stabbing them with an icicle. Either way, the evidence melts.


Mission "Robot War"

[Blogger’s choice: Submitted by Anonymous]

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a planet named Egnaro. On this planet there were no people, only robots who kept people as slaves because of their obvious inferiority. After thousands of years of this, some of the robots stated to feel bad; it’s not the humans’ faults that they can die. A couple of robots started changing their minds about how to treat the humans: they could have rights, too. Those people happened to be really good public speakers and everyone but the robots in the east--who used the human slaves to make fuel so that the robots had energy to work--changed their minds. This started a war, obviously, which involved robots creating new hand pieces to turn each other off. Their old hand pieces were round and could not do that. The humans ,who were very intelligent (considering they had created the robots), used the war as an opportunity to blow up Asia because Asians are annoying and the ones that made all these dumb robots and put themselves in slavery. But since Korea happened to have, like, thirty nuclear bombs laying around the whole world exploded . The end.